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OdaLock WP-1

OdaLock™ WP-1 is a 100% natural and environmentally safe innovative water and soil amendment produced by the chemical and physical activation of insoluble clay minerals. OdaLock™ WP-1 is specifically formulated for use in CAFO’s to dramatically reduce odor emissions and stabilize water soluble nutrients. Available in 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 55 gallon containers and 2000 – 3000 lb super sacks. One Thousand (1000) lbs of OdaLock™ WP-1 treats a standard 460,000 gallon pit from pump out to pump out when applied with agitation. Ideal for use with OdaLock™ SRT855, sold separately. Pits and lagoons treated with OdaLock™ WP-1 will reduce production costs and increase productivity for the following reasons;

Benefits to the Production Manager

  • Scientifically proven rapid and sustained reductions in hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3) and methane (CH4) gas emissions resulting in improved air quality.

  • Better air quality = healthy happy hogs, operators and neighbors.

  • Aids in the prevention of gas toxicity related mortalities.

  • Reduced gas emissions decrease ventilation requirements during winter resulting in reduced heating costs.

Benefits to the Land Manager

  • Increased fertilizer value of the manure because nutrients (e.g. N & P) are stabilized by OdaLock™ WP-1 in plant available but non leachable forms.

  • Prevents atmospheric and runoff related N and P losses.

  • Nutrients in OdaLock™ WP-1 treated manure remain locked in the soil profile where plants need them, effectively decreasing long-term fertilizer requirements.

  • OdaLock™ WP-1 treated manure prevents nutrient runoff into rivers, lakes and streams thereby reducing the incidences of eutrophication (e.g. algae blooms, fish kills etc.).

  • Every 1,000 lbs of OdaLock™ WP-1 results in;

    • 350lbs of stabilized P.
    • 75 lbs of stabilized N in the form of crystalline ammonia.
    • The equivalent of 2,060 lbs of lime (CaCO3) thereby lowering liming requirements on OdaLock™ WP-1 treated manure fields.
    • The addition of seven essential mineralized macro and micro-nutrients essential for improved soil microbial activity and plant growth.
    • Stabilized soluble zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu) in the manure/soil.
    • Improved soil structure and water holding capacity.
OdaLock WP-1 OdaLock WP-1 OdaLock WP-1

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