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OdaLock ART

OdaLock™ ART (granular) and OdaLock™ LART (liquid) are non-hazardous and non-toxic products, specifically formulated for use as horse stall and poultry litter amendments to reduce ammonia and neutralize odor. The accumulation of ammonia in horse stalls and poultry barns is far more significant than simply an offensive odor. Elevated concentrations of ammonia have been scientifically proven to stress an animal’s upper respiratory system, resulting in decreased performance, growth rates and general overall animal health.

OdaLock™ ART and OdaLock™ LART are affordable and superior alternatives to other commercial ammonia reduction products e.g. hydrated lime. OdaLock™ ART and OdaLock™ LART are not masking agents or scents, but rather neutralize and eliminate harmful odors and ammonia by unique chemical adsorption and absorption.

OdaLock™ is extremely easy to use and apply. Typical application rates for granular OdaLock™ ART are 50 – 100 lbs per 1,000 sq ft in poultry litter and generally 3 to 5 cups applied, either under or above, preferred bedding in a 12’ x 12’ horse stall. Sprinkle OdaLock™ ART preferentially in areas where urine is concentrated. As saturated bedding material is removed, it is recommended to sprinkle a small amount (generally 0.25 to 0.75 cups, depending on wet area size) of OdaLock™ ART on the wet area, prior to installing fresh bedding.

Importantly, spent OdaLock™ is not a waste product. OdaLock™ stabilizes ammonia and soluble phosphorous in chemically inert forms that are ideally suited for re-use as a slow-release organic fertilizer or soil amendment. Simply dispose of your spent bedding or poultry litter, and the incorporated OdaLock™, on fields, gardens or in a composter etc. and by doing so you have used OdaLock™ as an environmentally friendly zero waste technology.

Also suitable for application in pet habitats, such as cat boxes, bird cages and dog kennels, garbage receptacles, garages, crawl spaces, etc.

OdaLock ART OdaLock LART

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